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Dr Love’s Erotic Superstore
1155 Garnet Ave
San Diego, CA 92109
Phone: (877) DRLOVES


Store hours:

11AM-10PM Monday through Thursday
11AM-12PM Friday and Saturday
11AM-10PM on Sunday




Our Stores

Since our inception, Dr. Love’s  has strived to provide stores with shopping environments that are fun and entertaining. That is the fundamental key to our retail style. We believe that shopping for intimacy enhancement products should be comfortable, friendly and most importantly FUN! Sexuality is a natural part of human life and access to intimacy enhancing products should not be considered dirty or taboo.

At nearly 4,000 square feet, our flagship store in Pacific Beach, a coastal community of San Diego is fun from the moment a customer walks in. Dr Love’s Erotic Superstore stocks a huge selection of bachelor/bachelorette party supplies, greeting cards, lotions, massage oils, lingerie, candles, condoms, vibrators and other sexual enhancement products.

A carefully refined combination of gift items, apparel and inspirational products makes us much more than a mere retail store. Each store offers couples and individuals an enjoyable, upscale and courteous atmosphere in which to shop, learn and inquire.

The light-hearted and tasteful ambiance that greets our guests is thoughtfully enhanced by the well-lit and clean open spaces of our interiors. Whether our customers are browsing through our extensive assortment of bath and body products, considering an intimacy building purchase or making an apparel selection, we are confident that their experience will be pleasant and rewarding.

We value the sophisticated and subtle character of our stores and go to creative lengths to ensure that the customers shopping experience is fun and uplifting.


Our Experience

Our stores are arranged according to our “soft-to-sensual” merchandising philosophy. This guest sensitive approach places items like greeting cards, intimacy games, bachelorette party supplies, lingerie, shoes, and T-shirts at the front of the store where the emphasis is on making the customer feel welcome. In fact, when entering a Dr Love’s Erotic Superstore, it is not readily obvious that the company sells any product more risqué than what is offered at Victoria’s Secret, therefore, creating an amazing blend of fashion and beauty, with a touch of sensual spice.

The majority of our stores separate products with adult themes from general merchandise by placing it in the back fifteen percent of the retail space. In some instances, the adult merchandise is located behind a tall decorative wall with a monitored entrance.

We strive to carry the highest quality and best selection of intimacy enhancing products available on the market. In addition, we provide access to accurate sex information in order to enhance our customers’ sex lives and promote healthy attitudes about sex.


Our Professional Staff

As part of our commitment to honesty and education, we communicate both the advantageous features and limitations of the products we carry to our customers, and we encourage customers to share feedback with us. While we do make suggestions based on assessment of customer needs and desires, we do not employ any sales tactics involving undue pressure to purchase.

To provide an environment that is supportive of our customer's needs, we understand that our Employees must maintain an open and respectful attitude and must also be able to model sex-positive, non-judgmental communication at all times. Our stores truly provide exceptional customer service and accurate sex information at all times.

Our Mission

To become a main stream nationwide specialty retailer by gaining public acceptance through well-run stores, highly manicured retail spaces and professionally trained staff.

Our Passion

To serve as the world’s finest resource for quality products and information, to model honest communication about sexuality, and to take every opportunity to promote the philosophy that sex is fun and natural.

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